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Insomnia is a real issue, studies have shown that Brainwave Optimization helps overcome this issue.
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Welcome to La Loba Services

"Welcome to our website! We at Services La Loba Services, a bilingual Winnipeg-based company,
are inspired by a Mexican legend made known by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. We offer you services that are La Loba-like: opportunity for gentle "bone-gathering" and deeply transformative and life-giving "fleshing out and furring."
Joanne Couture

Brain & Trauma

"Before a state of balance is achieved, the individual has little chance of accomplishing substantial change in their life. But level the playing field, and a change of belief about ourselves and others becomes realistic, leading to a changed life." (Gerdes, p. 82)
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Body & Trauma

"Bones represent the indestructible force… the indestructible soul-spirit. Within us is the old one who collects bones. Within us is the potential to be fleshed out again as the creature we once were." (Estes, p. 35) 
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Heart & Trauma

"Heart intelligence is the intelligent flow of awareness that we experience once the mind and bodily emotions are brought into balance and coherence." (Childre and Martin, p. 6) 
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